Bewerbungen für unsere Studiengänge sind ab dem 30. April möglich!


The "Cooperation Project West Coast University of Applied Sciences – Church – Student Union of Schleswig-Holstein" (KOPRO) is an institution from three very different agencies that decided at the end of the 90s to work together to try something new in Heide at the West Coast University of Applied Sciences (FHW). For the first time, a cooperation project was set up at a university of applied sciences, which was created as a pilot project with a duration of ten semesters.


The tasks of KOPRO include working with foreign students as well as the classic church work at a university, which is aimed at all teachers and students. KOPRO manages and maintains an International Meeting Centre (IBZ), which is connected to a student dormitory and is open to all of the people working at the university. A variegated offering of cultural and leisure activities, which contain elements of info and entertainment, are aimed at both the university members and, through the university, to all of the residents of Heide.

advisory board

An advisory board, which meets once per semester, accepts the interim report of the project manager and advises the working committee and the project manager. The three backing agencies as well as students from the FHW are represented in the advisory board. The cooperation project is led by a project manager in a restricted service ratio (50%). A working committee, manned by students from the FHW, advises and plans the respective semester programme as well as special accompanying project and supports their implementation.


INVITATION to activities in the time of ADVENT and CHRISTMAS in December 2016

„Living Advent Calendar“
In Advent, people meet from 18-18:30 h at some place in Heide and celebrate together: telling stories, singing, sharing some food and drink.

You are invited to join:
- Wednesday, Nov 30, at „Weltladen“, Markt 27;
- Wednesday, Dec 7, with Familie Jarck-Albers, Lindenstraße 11;
- Wednesday, Dec 21, at „Domicil", Markt 52.
We meet at the parking place of StuWo at 17:30 h to go together or you go directly to the mentioned address.

Celebrate with us Swedish Advent traditions on Wednesday, Dec 14, 19 h, at IBZ.
Meet the „Lucia-Queen“, listen to a Swedish choir singing, share with us some traditional Swedish food and drink.

„Advent & Christmas Customs“
An afternoon for students of  Regional & Cultural Studies and for all other international students, offering information & fun, traditional sweets, music of the season, and a visit of the Christmas market,
on Friday, Dec 16, 14:30-17.30 h at the Church Center St. Jürgen, Markt 26a.
Please, register for the afternoon either with Bärbel Brouwers (brouwers(at) or with Inken Wöhlbrand.

„The Messiah“ by G.F. Händel
Festive concert on Sunday, Dec 18, 17 h at the St.Jürgen-Kirche (main church at the central market).
Please register for a free ticket as quickly as possible with Inken Wöhlbrand.

„Christmas Eve Celebration for All“
on Saturday, Dec 24, 18 h, at the church center in Meldorf, Klosterhof 19.
You will meet people of all ages and all nations for a festive Christmas dinner and fun together.
Please, register with Inken Wöhlbrand until Dec 16.

„Festive Christmas Choir Concert“
on Sunday, Dec 25, 16 h, at the Dom (main church) in Meldorf.
You will see the great old church in candlelight and listen to youthful voices, singing old and new Christmas songs.
Please register for a free ticket as quickly as possible with Inken Wöhlbrand.

Best wishes and warm regards,
Inken Wöhlbrand


Office hours
Wednesdays 1:00pm – 2:00pm or by appointment