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The FHW follows the agreements of the Lisbon Convention on the crediting of prior learning at other institutions and to do so has set up its own regulations in its Examination Procedure Regulations.

§51 (2) of the Higher Education Act of Schleswig-Holstein states:
Course work and examinations that have been carried out in domestic or recognised foreign universities are to be recognised if the university can prove that there is no significant differences to the subjects that they are intended to replace. For this purpose the equivalence agreements, approved by the Standing Committee of the German Ministers of Culture and the Conference of University Rectors, are to be applied as well as agreements within the framework of the Inter-university Cooperation Agreements. Skills and abilities acquired outside of universities shall be attributed to the higher education studies if it is proven that they are equivalent to the skills and abilities that are acquired through the course that they are to replace. A total of 50% of the credit points required for the course credit of the study programme can be transferred. The total number of transferred credit points may not exceed 50%.

Your contact partners for the calculation of transfer of credit from the higher education sector are the respective speakers of the study programmes for which the transfer of credit is being applied.

Regarding the calculation of credit for skills acquired outside the universities, at the moment please contact the Dean’s office of the Faculty of Technology/Business Studies or the Vice President. The practical process is still being tested and fine tuned. Practical examples for credit calculation possibilities e.g. from vocational training, are coming soon.

As a precaution, we would like to point out that training from a classical apprenticeship (teaching or comparable vocational school education) is generally not creditable. The FHW has regulated this as follows:
“Recognition of credit points …. can only be done for components that for Bachelor study programmes have been assigned at least level 5 and for Master’s study programmes level 7 of the German or European Qualifications Framework.”

Traditional apprenticeships are usually classified at level 4. Should there be any doubt as to which level should be assigned to your qualification, we recommend checking the pages of the German Qualification Framework (, in which you can pull up the levels 5, 6, and 7 if necessary.