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Registration forms are available at the library. A library card will be issued upon presentation of your student identification and your personal ID card. This card must be presented each time something is borrowed. The library card is non-transferable.


The media resources are ordered systematically. The placement is carried out based on the signature on the spine of the book. Each subject group is labelled with at least three letters and is then sorted alphabetically. An overview of the specialised sections is located on each shelf respectively. The signature can be determined using OPAC.

Information Desk

You can receive information:


The loan period is normally four weeks. Reference books (labelled with red signatures) can only be borrowed as short-term overnight loans or over the weekend. Certain books are excluded from lending altogether.

User account

Once you get a library card, an account is created in our lending system with your data. If you borrow literature from us, the material borrowed is recorded in this account. Using this link to the user data in OPAC, you can see your user account yourself and carry out loan extensions, etc.

Term of Use

The rights and obligations of the library user are laid out in the Terms of Use. With your signature when obtaining your library card, you are acknowledging and agreeing to the Terms of Use of the West Coast University of Applied Sciences. 


We are available for written or face-to-face consulting via telephone, email and at the circulation desk of the library.

Library Card

After registering you will receive a library card that you have to show each time you loan something from the library. The library card is non-transferable. If you lose your library card, please contact us to have it cancelled. A replacement card costs €5.00.

Interlibrary Loan

We obtain media and copies of articles from journals for you that are not available in the university library via interlibrary loan.

You can search for a lot of the research material online in the database of the Common Library Network (GBV). How long it takes for the ordered material to arrive depends on the delivery options; as a general rule it takes about 2 to 4 weeks. The cost for each order of a volume / an essay is €1.50.  You will be notified by the library via email when the order arrives.


The currently applicable fees for reminders, interlibrary loans, replacement services etc. can be found in the fee schedule. The use of the library is free of charge.


You can find the complete holdings of the university library in the Catalogue (OPAC). You can research online, reserve or even extend the loan period of books you have already borrowed.


There is a copier in the basement of the university library. A copier card can be obtained from the company Bürotechnik Witt.

Short Loans

Journals and reference books can be borrowed overnight or over the weekend.

Loan periods

The loan period for books is 4 weeks as a general rule. You can extend the loan period up to 5 times yourself using OPAC, as long as there have been no reservations and you haven’t been sent a reminder. For interlibrary loans of media, the lending library determines the length of the loan period.


After the expiration of the loan period, reminder fees will be charged for each volume that is past due and will be automatically booked to your account as debt charges:

For the 1st reminder €1.00
For the 2nd reminder €2.50
For the 3rd reminder €5.00

The fees listed above are raised on top of each previous reminder. Payment is only possible in cash at the circulation desk.

Opening Times

10:00am – 4:00pm

Tuesday to Thursday
10:00am – 6:00pm

10:00am – 2:00pm

Any changes to our opening times will be announced here.

(Online Public Access Catalog)

The OPAC records the complete inventory of the media and makes it possible to search through the library catalogue of the West Coast University of Applied Sciences. It is accessible via the following link -

In addition, from any internet connected PC, you can place reservations on any books that are currently out on loan, look at your account and extend the loan periods for books you have borrowed yourself.  


The default password is the first three letters of your surname. To prevent any misuse, it is recommended to change your password.

Self-Administration of your user account

In OPAC, under the menu item “Benutzerdaten” you can see the following data:

Personalien: Your current address and email address

Entleihungen: A list of items you have borrowed on your account chronologically ordered by due date and the extensions as well as the possibility of extending them

Vormerkungen: A list of the media that you have reserved with the possibility of deleting unneeded reservations

Forderungen: A list of the outstanding fees payable

Passwort: The default password are the first three letters of your surname. To prevent misuse, it is recommended that you change your password.
Select the desired menu item and follow the instructions on the screen.

Important: Please regularly check the loan periods on media you have borrowed.


The signature shows the location of an item in the library.


The loan period for books is four weeks. You can extend the loan period yourself up to 5 times using OPAC, as long as no one else has placed a reservation on the book and you haven’t received a reminder.

Loss of media

It is in your own interest to immediately report any loss or theft of the borrowed media to the circulation desk.


If a book that you want to borrow has already been loaned out, you can make a reservation for the book yourself using OPAC. When the books have been returned, they will be displayed in your user account together with the items you have borrowed. If you have registered an email address in your user data, you will be immediately informed that the reserved material has been returned.


The printed journals in the library are recorded in OPAC. They are stored alphabetically on the ground floor of the library and borrowed with short-term loans.