The General Student Council, known as AStA, is the student union of the university. We represent your interests to the outside world and serve as your point of contact for problems and wishes of any kind.

Our office is located on the campus of the FHW, specifically in the Business Administration Tower. At this point it should be mentioned that any criticism, wishes and problems can be sent to us at any time via email to allgemeines(at)

For complaints and problems that are directly addressed to the board, please send your email to beschwerde(at)

The Student Council is

  • The interface between the student body and the rector’s office
  • Issuing office for international student cards (ISICs)
  • Organiser of parties, events and excursions
  • Organiser of university sports
  • Editor of the student newspaper WEST
  • Operator of this internet platform
  • Contact partner for our foreign students in collaboration with the International Office (AAA)
  • Distributor of mechanising products of the FHW

and much more.

The Student Council currently has 9 departments, which are explained in more detail on our homepage. Everything that the Student Council does is ultimately decided by the student body, because without the students there would be no Student Council. If you would like to support us, then just get involved with the Student Council! We are always happy to see new faces in the office.

We are looking forward to the next semester and hope to continue the good relationship we have with all of you!

Your Student Council at the West Coast University of Applied Sciences (

Opening Times

For problems, information, FHW merchandise, English books, joining the Student Council and anything else that you have to get off your chest, you can find us in the Student Council office at the following times.

11:35am - 12:10pm & 1:20pm - 1:55pm (second lunch break)

+/- 5 minutes because we also have to get there