International Office

Welcome to the web pages of the International Office. Here, you'll find information on staying abroad during your studies or on staying with us as a foreign student and on how to finance your stay. We also provide information for university staff in terms of staff exchange and for refugees in terms of German courses and studying with us. What are you looking for?

The work we do is diverse and international. The International Office operates in the foreground and the background to help you gain international experience as a student of the West Coast University of Applied Sciences or as an exchange student or international intern. We have an open ear and try to help as much as we are able to.

Our service includes:

  • Advising students about the possibilities, prerequisites and financing of a stay abroad (e.g. "Study Abroad"),
  • Advising foreign students about the possibilities, prerequisites and financing of studies at the FHW,
  • Care and support of foreign students at the FHW in cooperation with the International Office of the Student Council,
  • Proposals and organisation of semester abroad places at the FHW’s partner universities
  • Financing and organisation of international events, management and administration of scholarship programmes (ERASMUS, PROMOS, STIBET, Welcome),
  • Checking applications for international internships and scholarship applications
  • Presentations and information events in preparation for the semester or internship abroad,
  • Maintenance and provision of informational material in English and German.

Behind the scenes:

  • Evaluation of all foreign certificates from applicants that visited a school or university abroad,
  • Welcoming and preparing guest students for their stay at the FHW,
  • Trouble shooting when intercultural difficulties arise,
  • Financial support of our employees and professors during visits to ERASMUS partner universities,
  • Organisation and support of extra-curricular language courses,
  • Supporting the HR department in the evaluation of foreign qualifications,
  • Updating information offered concerning the semester abroad,
  • Maintenance and administration of the contact to our partner universities.


You can reach us via e-mail or telephone.

We offer consultation via telephone or video call or personal consultation at our office. Please make an appointment for your personal consultation beforehand.

In case you wish to make an appointment, please let us know…

  • Why you'd like to talk to us
  • When you are available
  • How we can reach you (phone number)

…and we'll contact you as soon as possible.


Postal address:
West Coast University of Applied Sciences
International Office
Fritz-Thiedemann-Ring 20
D-25746 Heide

Antje Korthals M.A.
Head of the International Office
(in family care time, part time: mo – th)

+49 (0) 481 8555-171

+49 (0) 481  8555-101


Anne-Katrin Beck, M.A.
Coordination preparatory course, Refugees

+49 (0) 481 8555-173

+49 (0) 481 8555-101


Anna Sophie Tuxen
Outgoing Students, Scholarship Programs

+49 (0) 481 8555-172

+49 (0) 481 8555-101