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Information for Exchange Students

This page contains information for future exchange students at one glance. Each semester the West Coast University offers courses in English and a German language course for exchange students which can be found in the following tables. Please make sure you read the instructions carefully and to have a look at the useful facts as well. For any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact the team of the International Office. We are looking forward to welcoming you on our campus.

Course Offer

The West Coast University of Applied Sciences (German name: Fachhochschule Westküste, Erasmus+ Code: D HEIDE01) offers a catalogue of modules taught in English each semester. The kind of subjects varies between the summer and winter term. You may choose the modules according to the requirements of your home university. In order to register, please include or add the modules to your learning agreement or list of subjects and upload them along with your application documents. You'll receive the link to our online application portal for exchange students once your international or ERASMUS+ coordinator has announced or nominated you towards us (the International Office).
The „German I“-Course (module 9735) is an obligatory course for all exchange students whose mother tongue is not German. Knowing the local language is an important key to understanding the culture of another country. "SWS" stands for the number of time units (one time unit equals 45 minutes) which is spent in class per week. If the credit number is high and the SWS amount is relatively low, the module contains a bigger larger amount of practical work and self-study time than other modules.

You can find the current module catalogue on our download page.

If you chose any language courses, you also have to consult the Language Department (German: Lisa Petersen petersen(at), English: Ciara Colgan colgan(at), Spanish: Paula Molina de Rohde molinaderohde(at) before attending the class. In some cases the language modules are electives for regular students and places available limited. Therefore you need to reserve in time.

[+] Modules in the Summer Term 2024

No. of ModuleModule TitelSWSCreditsContact/Lecturer
10546German I - German as a Foreign Language46Elisabeth Petersen
10546Pre-semester orientation course (part of German I) 12-Elisabeth Petersen
10579German II – German as a Foreign language46Elisabeth Petersen
10030Combined Language module English for Tourism II / Spanish for Tourism II45Ciara Colgan-Buchenau / Paula Molina de Rohde
10041Business English I45Ciara Colgan-Buchenau
10169Advanced Business English II46Ciara Colgan-Buchenau
10219Tourism Future45Prof. Dr. Ulrich Reinhardt
10090Presentation techniques and management-oriented social competencies I Intercultural Competence45Sonja Göttel
10215Management-oriented social competencies II23Sonja Göttel
10528Tourism in developing countries45Prof. Dr. Julius Arnegger
10550Tourism, crises & resilience45Prof. Dr. Julius Arnegger
10083International Human-Resources & Management46Prof. Dr. Susanne Liebermann
10283Selected Aspects of Tourism 225Prof. Dr. Julius Arnegger
10284Tourism Politics and International Planning and Governance 225Sonja Göttel
10285Management Accounting 225Prof. Dr. Ralf Kesten
10286Network and Cooperation Management 225Sonja Göttel

1compulsory for exchange students
2 Module from Master’s program International Tourism Management

[+] Modules in the Winter Term 2024/25

No. of ModuleModule TitelSWSCredits
10177Spaces of Tourism and Tourism Geography45Dr. Tim Harms
10219Tourism Future45Prof. Dr. Ulrich Reinhardt
10538Protected Area Management and tourism in an international perspective45Prof. Dr. Julius Arnegger
10082Intercultural Management46Sonja Göttel
10546German I - for international Students *46Elisabeth Petersen
10546Pre-semester orientation course (part of German I)*2-Elisabeth Petersen
10010English for Business Psychology I45Ciara Colgan-Buchenau
Neue POLegal/Business English I45Ciara Colgan-Buchenau
10046Business English II45Ciara Colgan-Buchenau
10144Advanced Business English I46Ciara Colgan-Buchenau
10173English for Tourism III22,5Ciara Colgan-Buchenau
10173Spanish for Tourism III22,5Paula Molina de Rohde
10040Cognition, Learning and Neuropsychology45Prof. Daniela Aidley
10369Diversity Management26Prof. Daniela Aidley
10124Intercultural Psychology (Master’s level)47Prof. Daniela Aidley
10346Social Media Marketing & Communication45Dr. Sabrina Seeler
10137Strategic Management45Dr. Sabrina Seeler
10612Fundamentals of Business Administration45Anja Stierle

* Course compulsory for exchange students


Why choose Heide for my exchange semester?
Heide is situated at the West Coast of Northern Germany and is close to the North Sea and the UNESCO World Heritage Site National Park Wadden Sea. The fresh air and beautiful environment are is one of the reasons why many tourists are coming to the region every year. Our university has approximately 1.600 students who like the friendly, family-like atmosphere and the modern facilities as well as studying in mostly small or medium learning groups. To make you feel right at home, members from the student union, who are helping international students in their spare time, your course coordinators as well as the International Office will be right by your side during your stay.

I'm interested in studying in Heide. Where can I find useful information?
Exchange students are encouraged to read our Exchange Guide which is available on our download page at It contains important information on how to prepare your application and your stay in Heide.

How to apply as an exchange student?
After being nominated to us you will receive the link to our online application portal for exchange students with further information about the next steps from us.
The nomination and application deadline for the winter term is the 15th July.
The nomination and application deadline for the summer term is the 15th January.

Students who don’t have an EU-citizenship or a permanent residence permit for the EU should submit their application as early as possible and also prepare the first steps with the local German embassy. The embassies in some countries are very busy.

Where can I find the semester dates?
The academic calendar is available in German and English. The German version is available at in the box „Semestertermine“. The list of semester dates in English is included in our fact sheet which can be downloaded from

How can I find a room in Heide?
Accommodation needs to be organized as one of the first things on your to-do-list. For international students we recommend strongly staying in the student dorm near the campus.
The application form for the student dorm is available at The website can be switched to English in the upper right corner. The deadlines are similar to our application deadlines.

Private housing offers aimed at students of our university are published on our website: (German knowledge very useful).
You can also check on websites publishing private shared living possibilities. More guidance can be found in this brochure: Keep in mind to check the conditions (furnished or not, length of contract, deposit) carefully!
Please do not come to Heide without having organized a place to stay beforehand. It is almost impossible to find a room within one day. And please do not forget to inform the International Office (international(at) about your arrival, so that we can plan your welcome meeting and get quick help for your first steps.

Should I sign any contracts without fully understanding them?
No! Contracts have a high legal relevance in Germany. Before you sign a contract (e.g. for rent or phone), please make sure to ask someone who speaks German fluently to understand the contract before you sign it. You could also ask for help at the International Office.

How does the grading system at West Coast UAS work?
Please don’t forget to include all subjects which you want to have listed in your transcript of records later on on your learning agreement or list of subjects. In some modules attendance is compulsory ("Anwesenheitspflicht”), so you would need to participate regularly to receive credits. Your course coordinators will show you how to register for exams after your arrival.

The grades awarded are converted into ECTS grades as follows:
up to 1.5 = A (excellent);
from 1.6 to 2.0 = B (very good);
from 2.1 to 3.0 = C (good);
from 3.1 to 3.5 = D (satisfactory);
from 3.6 to 4.0 = E (sufficient);
worse than 4.0 = F (fail).

You can find the complete examination rules and regulations here:

How to connect with other exchange students?
If you want to get connected during your stay with us, you can e-mail to the international department of the student union (AStA Auslandsreferat) at ausland(at) The student union will send information on their international events via e-mail or WhatsApp message and you can register for the mailing list.
We also offer a mentoring programme for international students called FHWconnect during which you are teamed up with a German student for your semester with us. Please e-mail to fhwconnect(at) in case you are interested in taking part in the programme.

Where can I find information on studying in Germany?
In order to get a feel for what studying in Germany is like, can recommend the website (available in German and English) and the blog in which International students from all over the world share their experiences about their time in Germany.


We offer consultation via telephone or video call or personal consultation at our office. Please make an appointment for your personal consultation beforehand.

In case you wish to make an appointment, please let us know…

  • Why you'd like to talk to us
  • When you are available
  • How we can reach you (phone number)

…and we'll contact you as soon as possible.

Antje Korthals M.A.
Head of the International Office

+49 (0) 481 8555-171

+49 (0) 481  8555-101


Anna Sophie Tuxen

+49 (0) 481 8555-172

+49 (0) 481 8555-101