Places at Partner Universities

An overview of partner universities available for an exchange semester for students of the West Coast University of Applied Sciences (FH Westküste, FHW) can be found in our interactive publisher. As the information can just be displayed in German please turn to the international office if you need help to understand the entries.

In order to spend an exchange semester at a partner university of the West Coast University of Applied Sciences, you need to apply internally to the international office first. The international office will evaluate all applications after the deadline. In the next step the international office nominates the selected applicants toward the partner universities and informs all applicants if and which partner university they were allocated to.

In all selection processes applications for stays with the goal of having modules and ECTS recognized (planned recognition) will be treated with more priority than other applications.

Important for the application processes: please attend our information sessions, read our guide for outgoing students (available on our download page) and the documents and reports of other students’ experiences in the moodle course International Office.

Applications need to be handed in over the application portal for outgoing students.

Important advice: The system recognizes that you are the same person by the e-mail-address you used for the registration. Therefore, please make sure to use the same e-mail address that you first registered with for the login. This is particularly important if you want to apply for an ERASMUS+ scholarship later after having been selected for an ERASMUS+ partner university because you need to have the same login in order to being apply to apply. To prevent that messages we will send you out of the system may be filtered away by your e-mail programme please save noreply(at) (MoveOn FH Westküste) to the address book of the e-mail provider you use (e.g., gmx, etc.).

1. Places at a partner university:

The application period for places at non-U.S. partner universities is open from December until the 15th February. If you are enrolled in our Bachelor degree programmes and interested in applying for a place at a university in the USA, please switch to the German version of this page. The application is for the upcoming academic year (winter and summer semester). Please be on the lookout starting December when we publish our first announcements. You can fill out and turn in your learning agreement prior to our announcement. Once you send in your application you confirm that you informed yourself thoroughly by reading the guide for outgoing students and the relevant examination and examination procedure regulations. You declare as well that you turned in your learning agreement to your course of study (head or coordinator). At this time, the learning agreement does not have to be signed by your course of study neither does it have to be uploaded. But you will have upload your latest transcript of records to the application form. (the date of the transcript cannot be older than the opening of the application process, this would be the 1st December 2021 for the application to an exchange semester in 2022/23). You can export your transcript of records as pdf from HIS.

Allocation criteria:

You can name between one and three wishes for universities you prefer in the application form. The International Office first processes first, then second and afterwards third choices.

The first criterion after the general preference of stays with the purpose of credit recognition (see above) for the allocation is the contract with the partner university. With this being said when there is the information in the publisher, that the partner university is open to various courses of study, but prefers students from a specific one, then the contract was made for this course of study and students from the named other programmes are tolerated if there is spare capacity.

The second criterion is, if the semester abroad is mandatory and needed for a successful graduation. (e.g. if your internship semester is in Germany, but you need to spend a mandatory stay abroad in order to graduate). This is asked in the application form and will be checked by the international office on a sample basis.

The third criterion is your grade point average stated in your transcript of records.

As the selection procedure is complex and needs to be carried out quickly, the International Office cannot take into consideration that applicants wish go to the same university or place as other students.

2. Application for vacancies at partner universities

In individual cases, you can apply for spots at partner universities which are still open. The international office decides individually if an application can still be processed after the deadline. This depends on the availability of spots, nomination and application deadlines of the partner university and the required time for the evaluation and processing of applications. Applications, which were handed in before the deadline, and the process for applications before the deadline itself are always treated with preference. The information regarding spots available will be activated in our publisher after the finalization of the general allocation round. In order to apply to open spots please use the same online form as explained in 1. Places at a partner university. Your application will be checked and you will get a reply from the international office if a nomination is still possible.