In order to spend an exchange semester at a partner university of the West Coast University of Applied Sciences, you need to apply internally to the international office first. There are different application procedures (see sections below) but the process is the same:

Applications need to be handed in via the application portal for outgoing students., which you can access with your student account credentials (login credentials for Moodle e.g. maxmus63).

We recommend all students interested in a stay abroad to  attend the information sessions of the international office and to use the following ressources:

  • guide for  outgoing students from the download page
  • the publisher with the overview of current places at partner universities for your study programme as well as information for decision-making and preparations,
  • the documents and reports of other students’ experiences in the Moodle course “International Office”.

In all selection processes applications for stays with the goal of having modules and ECTS recognised (planned recognition) will be treated with priority.


The application procedure for places at our partner universities applies to all partnerships except for the University of North Carolina,Wilmington (UNCW). If you are enrolled in International Tourism Management B.A and interested in applying for a place in the exchange programme with UNCW, please switch to the German version of this page.

Start of application period: 01. December
Application deadline: 31. January

The application is for the upcoming academic year (winter and summer semester).

Required documents for the application via our application portal:

  • current transcriptof records (the date of the transcript cannot be older than the opening of the application process). You can export your transcript of records as pdf from HIS. The majority of our students study abroad in their fourth to sixth semester. In case you are in your first semester at the West Coast University of Applied Sciences and you don’t have any marks in your HIS account yet when the application deadline is reached, you can alternatively hand in the report(s) you used for your application for enrolment.

Allocation criteria:
You can name between one and three wishes for universities you prefer in the application form. The international office processes first, then second and afterwards third choices using the following criteria:

  1. The first criterion after the general preference of stays with the purpose of credit recognition (see above) for the allocation is the contract with the partner university. With this being said when there is the information in the publisher, that the partner university is open to various courses of study, but prefers students from a specific one, then the contract was made for this course of study and students from the named other programmes are tolerated if there is spare capacity.
  2. Is the semester abroad mandatory and needed for a successful graduation (e.g. if your internship semester is in Germany, but you need to spend a mandatory stay abroad in order to graduate)? This is asked in the application form and will be checked by the international office on a sample basis.
  3. Your grade point average stated in the transcript of records.

As the selection procedure is complex and needs to be carried out quickly, the international office cannot take into consideration that applicants wish go to the same university or place as other students.


In individual cases, you can apply for spots at partner universities which are still open after the deadline has passed. The international office decides individually if an application can still be processed after the deadline. This depends on the availability of spots, nomination and application deadlines of the partner university and the required time for the evaluation and processing of applications. Applications which were handed in before the deadline, and the process for applications before the deadline itself are always treated with preference. The information regarding available spots will be activated in our publisher after the finalization of the general allocation round. In order to apply to open spots please use the same online form as explained in Application for places at partner universities. Your application will be checked and you will get a reply from the international office if a nomination is still possible.

In any other terms, the application procedure for remaining places at partner universities does not differ from the regular procedure.


You can apply for one place per semester (example: winter semester 2024/25). If you already have a place at a partner university, you cannot apply again for the same semester, even if you apply in different application procedures. Your additional application wouldn’t be processed in this case. If you still want to apply for another place, you will have to give back the place you already received by sending an e-mail to the international office. In principal, applications will only be processed if you don’t have a place already for the same period of time.

To prevent that messages we will send you via the application system (MoveON) may be filtered away by your e-mail programme, please save noreply(at) (MoveOn FH Westküste) to the address book of the e-mail provider you use (e.g., gmx, etc.). You will be contacted by the e-mail-address you gave in the application form.

You can fill in and turn in your learning agreement prior to applying. Once you send in your application, you confirm that you turned in your learning agreement to your course of study (head or coordinator). The learning agreement does not have to be signed (yet) by your course of study neither does it have to be uploaded. The deadlines for the completion of your learning agreement are defined in the current examination procedure regulations and their implementation regulations (in general 3 months before the start of the exchange semester or, in case of changes before or after departure, as soon as changes become known).