In the Heide region there is a balanced selection of possibilities to occupy your leisure time. Cultural, sporty, social. Attempting to list everything here would be futile so we’ve just put together a small selection.


Sporting events of the Student Council under Sport’s Department

  • Dithmarscher Water World
  • Büsumer Piratenmeer
  • PostSV Heide e.V.
  • Heide Sports Club e.V.
  • Heide Tennis Club e.V.
  • Golf club Büsum Dithmarschen e.V.
  • Gut Apeldör Golf course
  • Reiterbund Dithmarschen e.V.
  • MTV Heide e.V.



The cooperation project (KOPRO) holds events in the International Meeting Centre (IBZ) together with the Student Council. The Student Council and KOPRO announce upcoming events on notice boards and through posters.

Music, played yourself
If you want to make music, especially jazz and classical music, please contact M. Berger or D. Braunhart.

Music, learn to play
The Dithmarscher Music School offers music lessons in singing and a multitude of instruments.

The Brahms Society of Schleswig-Holstein, based in Heide, offers high-class concerts in the Brahms weeks every year, and the SHMF (Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival) holds a number of concerts in the region. In summer 2015, Herbert Grönemeyer gave a concert to 15,000 people at the Heide Marketplace. With the Klaus-Groth Society and the Hebbel Society there is also a literary agency in the region, as well as private holders of readings, concerts, parties and various other events.