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The bachelor degree program in Business Administration (BWL) is offered at the West Coast University of Applied Science (FHW) with a standard study period of six semesters. Courses only start in the winter semester. The fourth semester is an internship semester in either a domestic company or a company abroad. The course is characterised by a large number of optional modules, with two majors needing to be chosen for in-depth study. The BWL students learn to independently solve business problems using the knowledge they acquire. For this, the FHW provides them with all of the information necessary for dealing with management responsibilities:

  • Expertise: Broad basic knowledge, language skills and advanced knowledge in their chosen focal points
  • Social skills: Individual personality development in seminars covering topics such as communication, public speaking, presentation skills or project management
  • International competence: optional semester abroad, different language modules (English mandatory), Nordic management as a possible major, optional modules on international issues
  • Practical competence: Internship semester, projects in courses and the possibility of practical undergraduate work in collaboration with industry.

The BWL course prepares you for the execution of executive functions in production, trade and service companies of different sizes and in different industries.
Which companies, institutions and organisations you’ll end up working in after the completion of your studies is largely dependent upon your choice of majors. Therefore, please inform yourself about the different majors available on the respective webpages for each major.
Here is an overview of our partner universities. If you are planning a semester abroad during your studies, you can find further information here.
For general information about our study programs, feel free to request information material.
The flyer for the Business Administration program is available for download as a PDF.



Degree:Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Standard length of course:6 Semesters
Internship semester:4th Semester
Begin:Winter semester
Application by:15th July
Prior internship:N/A
Language courses:English
Semester contribution:75,00 €
Accredited until:31.8.2024 (ZEvA)
Associated FHW Masters:Green Energy
Further info:Flyer