The "Economics and Law“ team is pleased with receiving 7th place in the 2014 CHE Ranking of the “ZEIT”.

Since the winter semester 2011/2012, the FHW has been offering students the Economics and Law bachelor program with the internationally recognised degree "Bachelor of Law (LL.B.)".

The standard period of study is 6 semesters – including an internship semester, which takes place in the fourth semester in an (international) company.

As part of the reaccreditation, the current study program has been adapted to the changing economic requirements. The legal proportion of the course has been increased to 50%. With the Bachelor of Law the profile has been sharpened to enable the graduates to have a more targeted career. In view of these considerations, four individually matched majors have been introduced. The students have the option of acquiring their professional knowledge from the perspective of the major they choose.

The Bachelor of Economics and Law combines legal and economic knowledge with each other (Study / & Examinations plan) and is characterised by need-based and practice-oriented business law training with experienced business knowledge. The students learn legal thinking with economic implications and acquire the ability to independently solve legal problems in professional practice. 

The graduates of the Economics and Law study program have excellent career opportunities. Due to its well founded legal and business double qualification, the graduates are highly in demand among companies. They are in the position to prepare commercial processes and make entrepreneurial decisions as well as simultaneously legally implementing these decisions while respecting the legal framework they are working within.

Graduates are the interfaces between pure legal and pure business areas of responsibility, each requiring a profound knowledge of legal and business transactions, and thereby assume important key positions within companies. They are responsible for independent work on challenging legal issues from various fields of expertise. They are integrated into business and strategic decisions which decisively affect the company’s development.

Typical fields of occupation especially include accounting firms, tax consulting companies, banks and insurance companies and consultancies (taking on skilled tasks, particularly in legal, tax and finance departments). Legal economists are also highly in demand in human resources, at insolvency administration companies, in press and publishing houses as well as in law firms and legal departments of companies from various branches. 

International contact to other universities plays an important role during the study program. The FHW already works closely together with a number of foreign universities. Existing and new contact worldwide will be expanded further in the future. Currently there is close cooperation with the following universities: Université d'Angers (Angers/France), University of Latvia (Riga/Latvia), Nicolaus Copernicus University (Torun/Poland), Jaume University (Castelló de la Plana/Spain), Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza (Iasi/Romania) and Karlstad Universitet (Karlstad/Sweden). 

New: The database "Beck-Online" can be accessed anywhere on the entire campus.


Degree:Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)
Standard length of course:6 semesters
Internship semester:4th semester
Begin:Winter semester
Application by:15th July
Prior internship:no
Language courses:English
Semester contribution:75,00 €
Accredited until:31.8.2024 (ZEvA)
Associated FHW Masters:Green Energy
Further info:Flyer