The institute regioMAR was founded in 2007 as an institute of the West Coast University of Applied Sciences. regioMAR brings together the diverse project activites in the study programme major of Marketing.

The objective of the institute is to serve the ongoing need for research in the region, provide knowledge transfer in the region and to further develop appropriate methods. regioMAR is headed by Prof. Dr. Hans-Dieter Ruge and Dipl.-Kfm. (FH) Oliver Franz.

The profile of regioMAR:

  • Scientifically based, research-based marketing consulting
  • Focused on the topics
    • City and regional marketing
    • Marketing for suppliers in the region
  • Marketing for suppliers with a regional focus (nationwide)

The regioMAR occupies itself, inter alia, with the behaviour of people in the role of consumers. The findings of this behavioural research are the scientific basis for numerous regional and supra-regional projects in the fields of urban and regional marketing and brand management. The methodological foci of the regioMAR are brand management, customer relationship management and consumer research.