Heide, November 2023

according to § 6 of the enrollment regulations of the West Coast University of Applied Sciences

Re-registration period for the summer semester 2024

15.11.2023 - 23.12.2023

Re-registration is only possible by timely receipt of the semester fee at the Studentenwerk Schl.-H. in the currently known amount of 75,00 € (63,00 € for the Studentenwerk and 12 € for the AStA of the West Coast UAS).

For payments that are not received exactly in the above-mentioned period, a processing or late fee of 15.00 € will be charged. The missed payment fee is due to the West Coast UAS and will not be transferred to the Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein.
Since only machine-readable forms guarantee correct re-registration, please note the following specifications:

  • Recipient: Studentenwerk S-H, FH Westküste
  • IBAN: DE87 2105 0170 0025 0013 14
  • Bank: Fördesparkasse Kiel
  • Amount: 75,00 €
  • reason for payment 1st line: Your matriculation number (blank space) 20241 (information for SoSe 2024)
  • reason for payment 2nd line: First name (blank space) Last name

Please complete the fields matriculation number, first name and surname with your personal information.

If you do not follow the guidelines, the incoming payments will not be considered.

Please note that your certificates of enrolment are only available for download in the student portal ( They will no longer be sent by post.

On behalf of        
Janin Damms



A retroactive exmatriculation is NOT possible.

Note for graduates: For exmatriculation, your degree must first have been entered in the system; in this case, the processing time may take more than three working days.

Deadlines for de-registration for graduates are either the end of the month in which the certificate was handed out or at the latest at the end of the semester in which the degree was obtained.

If you have any questions, please contact beratung(at)

Certificate ECTS and standard period of study (English)

If you wish to terminate your studies at the FH Westküste, you have to apply for your exmatriculation at the Student Advisory Service / Admissions.

Please proceed as follows:

1.    Fill out the Exmatriculation Application of your department completely and sign it.

2.    Procedure for Exmatriculation:

  • Download Procedure in FBT
  • Procedure in FBW:
    Drop the completed, signed application for exmatriculation with the required releases in the gray mailbox across from the Academic Advising/Admissions Office or mail it to:
    FH Westküste
    Studienberatung / Zulassung
    Fritz-Thiedemann-Ring 20
    25746 Heide

Completely and correctly filled out exmatriculation applications are usually processed within three working days. The exmatriculation documents will be sent to you by mail to the postal address stored in the HIS.

Contact Partner

Student Counselling / Admissions

+49 (0) 481 8555-141/133

+49 (0) 481 8555-555


Building: 2.6
Room: 0.062