The abbreviation HIS stands for “Hochschul-Informations-System” (University Information System). It is a university portal for students, guests, teachers and employees.

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Self service HIS

Your access data for the self service function has been sent to you. Should you not have received a password, please send us an email (see below).

Unfortunately, some letters have already returned due to incorrect addresses. We remind you that in accordance with the Enrolment Regulations, students are personally responsible for ensuring that the correct address data has been submitted. You will have to shoulder the consequences of giving us the wrong address yourself.

Should you have forgotten your password, a new one will be sent to you upon payment of a small fee.
The results of the Master’s courses MES and InA are saved in Hamburg and Wismar respectively. As a general rule, at the FHW the results are only made known via bulletin boards and that is why you have not received a password.

For exams, please make sure to check the dates for the post-examination viewing, as they also determine the most important appeal deadlines.

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For technical problems, please contact Mr Karsten Neelsen.

Please note the Information concerning approved resignation (Medical certificates).


Due to a bug in the HIS database, you may receive an error message after you change your password, stating that the old (Default) password does not match. Please ignore this message and just logout. Then log back in with your old, assigned password again.

If further errors occur, contrary to expectations, please personally contact Ms Klatte in the Student Counselling Office to go through the procedure together with her.