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Information on the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19)

Dear employees, students and guests of FH Westküste,

In the following we will inform you about all developments concerning the university in connection with the Corona pandemic. The university has convened a crisis committee, which meets with the students depending on the situation in order to assess the current situation and derive measures.

The executive board of FH Westküste

[+] Entering Schleswig-Holstein

Entry from Germany or abroad
Please refer to the information sheet and the daily updated notes on the country page:

Due to the corona pandemic, restrictions on entry apply to people coming from areas with a high spread of the corona virus (risk area). It is important that you check before you enter the country whether you come from a currently designated risk area at the time of entry.

If so, you must follow the instructions below and comply with the quarantine regulations.

For travellers from abroad
Here you will find the risk areas currently classified by the Federal Ministry of Health, the Federal Foreign Office and the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Construction and Homeland, and published by the RKI:

If you are entering from a country on this list, you must always be able to show that you have been in quarantine or have had a negative test not more than 48 hours prior to entry.

[+] Hygiene concept of the FH Westküste

[+] Semester abroad/ internship semester/ internship semester follow-up

Students Faculty of Economics

  • The practical semester is a central part of the education at FH Westcoast, even under the conditions of the Covid 19 pandemic. The students of the Department of Economics are therefore required to complete the practical semester as stipulated in the examination regulations.
  • Should it become necessary to interrupt the practical semester, for example, because the practical semester ends the practical semester or because a departure from abroad is necessary due to the Corona crisis, students are given the opportunity to continue the practical semester in a subsequent semester, with the time already spent being credited.
  • If students are unable to begin the practical semester due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the Department of Economics recommends that they complete the practical semester in the 6th semester and bring the lecture content of the 6th semester forward to the 4th semester. If you have any questions about bringing the modules of the 6th semester forward, please contact the programme coordinators.
  • On the part of the Faculty of Economics, the examination board is requested to waive the requirement of a fully completed practical semester for the students concerned (pursuant to Sections 2. and 3.) when registering for the Bachelor thesis.
  • Only in the event that the regulations described above lead to unreasonable hardships for the students, the department shall, at the request of the*the student concerned, open up the possibility of preparing a scientific paper instead of the practical semester. The application must be justified and addressed to the Dean of the Department of Economics (haack(at)

FAQ - Students Department of Economics / Practical Semester

  1. Is it possible to complete the rest of the practical semester in Germany, even though a semester abroad is actually required?
    Yes, but this exception only applies to students enrolled in the winter semester 2018/19 and 2019/20.
  2. Should it be possible to complete the internship parallel to the BA? Would it be possible to relax the obligation to attend BA seminars?
    We will give students who are in their 6th semester the opportunity to complete their internship semester online in the Bachelor's seminars. This should enable students to complete both the practical semester and the Bachelor thesis in parallel. This approach would also have the welcome side effect that very practice-oriented Bachelor's theses could be written.
  3. What is unreasonable hardship?
    There is no fixed catalogue for this. The dean's office examines whether an unreasonable hardship exists in each individual case. Applications should be addressed to the Dean haack(at)
  4. I currently have no accommodation in Heide. Can the modules still be taken online until the end of the winter semester?
    In the winter semester 2020/21, teaching will continue to take place mainly digitally. Especially students in the 3rd and 5th semesters of the Bachelor's programmes will regularly find digital teaching, so that many modules can still be taken online in the winter semester 2020/21. Only in the 1st semester of the Bachelor's programmes will digital teaching be supported by attendance offerings. Many courses in the Master's programmes also take place in classroom attendance. Details can be found in the lecture plans.
  5. Is it possible to take online courses of the 6th semester or the 2nd semester in the summer semester in addition to the practical semester or a substitute course?
    This is not possible because the workload for students is regularly limited to 30 ECTS per semester. This is a protective regulation in favour of students to avoid excessive workload.
  6. Is it okay if my internship semester company reduces the number of working days due to the corona crisis? Is my practical semester still valid then?
    In principle, the internship semester must be completed full-time. If the company reduces working hours due to the current situation, that is basically okay, as long as the training goals are achieved and the internship semester ratio remains the same.
  7. How do I write my report if I had to interrupt my internship and will make up the rest in a year's time?
    The weeks already completed are part of the 20 total weeks and must be mentioned in the report. You will then write two reports of a suitable length for the number of weeks. If you are doing your internship at two different companies, you should hand in the first part to the supervising person already now. If it is the same company, a general report (divided into two parts) can be handed in at the end of the 20 weeks.
  8. Can missing weeks during the semester break be made up?
    Yes, this is possible.
  9. Is it possible to shorten the 20 weeks?
    No, these must generally be completed in full.

Students Faculty of Engineering

Students of the Faculty of Engineering who are going to do an internship semester in WS2020/21 can get all information about the internship semester via the Moodle page internship semester in the Faculty of Engineering. All corresponding students are requested to register on this Moodle page (is a prerequisite for admission to the practical semester).

[+] Bachelor thesis/ colloquium

Faculty of Economics

The forms for the admissions of the registration for the Bachelor's thesis are sent by the examination offices by e-mail. Please note the information on the information sheet / checklist. The return with all documents can be done digitally in advance. The original application must be submitted by post. The examination office will ensure that the application is forwarded within the FH West Coast.

Colloquia will still not take place in attendance. Digital alternatives are possible in coordination with the first examiners.

If you do not receive admission, please contact your local examination office.

If you have already registered and your processing time is delayed due to the current situation or due to illness, an extension of the processing time is possible upon request to the examination office.

You will find the application form at:

[+] Corona - symptoms, protection, behaviour

Like other respiratory pathogens, an infection with the novel coronavirus can lead to symptoms such as coughing, rhinitis, neck scratching and fever, and some suffer from diarrhoea.

As with influenza and other acute respiratory tract infections, coughing and sneezing etiquette, good hand hygiene, distance (at least 1.5m) and wearing a mouth and nose protector also protect against transmission of the new coronavirus.

University members who show unspecific general symptoms or respiratory problems - regardless of their severity or severity - and who have had relevant contact with a proven coronavirus sufferer in the last 14 days before the onset of the disease, or who show unspecific general symptoms or respiratory problems, are considered unfit for duty or incapacitated for work and are therefore not permitted to appear for duty. The employees concerned are obliged to contact their family doctor or the medical on-call service by telephone on 116 117 immediately to clarify the presence of a coronavirus infection. Irrespective of the occurrence of symptoms of illness, employees who have had contact with a person with coronavirus infection within the last 14 days must immediately contact the health office responsible for them if they have not been contacted by the health office.

Contact information:

  • Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians: Telephone number 116 117.
  • Hotline of the Independent Patient Advisory Service Germany on Coronavirus: 0800/ 011 77 22
  • Citizens' telephone of the Federal Ministry of Health: 030/ 346 465 100
  • Before you visit a practice or a hospital, please make an appointment by telephone. This is important so that you can be admitted in isolation and not infect other people.
  • Health office in Heide: Phone: 0481 7854 900; Esmarchstr. 50; 25746 Heide
  • Inform the Fachhochschule Westküste immediately at: personal(at) to coordinate the further procedure.

[+] Teaching

Compliance with the hygiene concept of FH Westcoast is a mandatory prerequisite for all attendance events at FH Westcoast.

However, the principle applies: What can be taught digitally, should also be taught digitally.

In the winter semester 2020/21, attendance lectures are to be held in a limited framework. However, the majority of courses will also be taught digitally in the winter semester.

Information for Students of Economics, Winter Semester 2020/21

  • This year, the first-semester welcome in the Bachelor's programmes and the subsequent three introductory weeks begin on 5.10.2020. Regular lecture attendance does not begin until 19.10.2020 for the 3rd and 5th semesters and 26.10.2020 for the first semesters. The period from 21.12.2020 to 1.1.2021 is lecture-free. Lectures end on 29.1.2021.
  • Teaching in the 3rd and 5th semesters of the Bachelor's programmes will generally take place online. Exceptions are possible; please inform yourself in good time on the basis of the lecture schedule ( available since 18 September 2020 whether your lectures will be held online or in attendance. You will find an overview of all courses (including enrolment key) in Moodle (, probably from 12 October 2020. Only in the first semesters of the Bachelor's programmes do we try to have as much teaching as possible in attendance. This is possible because the cohort principle required by the state can be adhered to in the first semesters.
  • From 12.10.2020 onwards, Moodle will be used to divide groups into courses whose number of participants is limited (e.g. seminars etc.).
  • Teaching in the Master's programmes will generally also take place in attendance, as here too, adherence to the cohort principle is regularly possible. An exception are "mixed" courses where the cohort principle cannot be adhered to (and online Masters).
  • In summer semester 2021, the practical semester in the Bachelor's programme ITM can also be completed in Germany.
  • It is possible that due to the pandemic, changes in lecture planning will again be necessary. Should this be the case, we will inform you as soon as possible.

The Faculty of Business Studies (FBW) has compiled the detailed questions of the FBW lecturers and collected them in an FAQ, which is continuously updated. It can be found at:

[+] Examinations

Please note the supplementary regulations to the examination procedure regulations!

As a matter of principle, only those tests that must be carried out in person are carried out in person. All other examinations are conducted online (orally or in writing). This means that there may be changes to the forms of examination.

Attestation requirement:
For examinations from examination date SS 2020-II (July 2020) onwards, the application form for "Withdrawal from examinations" and a medical certificate (certificate of incapacity for work) must be submitted as usual within 3 working days of the examination date.

Students who have registered for exams and are unable to take them because they can prove that they come from a risk area or are in quarantine due to the situation, will receive a withdrawal. The examination attempt remains valid.

Students who belong to a risk group in connection with the corona pandemic (the list can be viewed on the homepage of the Robert Koch Institute) can be examined in an individual room on request. Please contact your local examination office several days before the examination.

The examination office can be reached under the following e-mail: pruefungsamt(at)

[+] Quarantine

Civil servants

  • Quarantine is considered an approved absence from service (§67 S.1 LBG in conjunction with the Infection Protection Act/lfSG). As far as the service in quarantine can be provided, e.g. by teleworking, this must be provided.
  • Civil servants have a duty of notification to the employer. We therefore ask you to contact the personnel department in order to coordinate the concrete procedure.
  • The salary will continue to be paid.
  • In case of illness, there is a separate duty to notify the employer in accordance with the usual regulations at FH Westcoast.

Tariff employees

  • Quarantine is considered an approved absence from work (§616 BGB in conjunction with IfSG). As far as the service in quarantine can be provided, e.g. by teleworking, this must be provided.
  • Employees covered by collective bargaining agreements have a duty of notification to the employer. We therefore ask you to contact the personnel department in order to coordinate the concrete procedure.
  • In case of illness, there is a separate obligation to report sick in accordance with the usual regulations at the FH West Coast.
  • Remuneration is paid for the first six weeks; after that, there is a claim for compensation according to the IfSG.


[+] Ban on meetings and appointments on campus

Due to current events, we would like to point out that meetings and appointments on campus, e.g. for parties or non-official meetings of any kind, are strictly prohibited. Violations must and will be consistently reported to the regulatory authorities.