Mission and Goals

On 28 February, the former Minister President of Schleswig-Holstein, Heide Simonis, among others, embedded a certificate in the foundations of the West Coast Uni during the ceremony for the laying of the cornerstone. This certificate programmatically formulates the regional-political aim behind the founding of the university as follows:

"From a regional-political point of view, the West Coast is gaining a new technological focal point for the promotion of technology transfer and the improvement of the competitiveness of enterprises in the region."

The FH Westküste reaffirmed this goal in 2012 and signed a cooperation agreement with the four West Coast districts - Pinneberg, Steinburg, Dithmarschen and North Friesland - under the patronage of the Lower Elbe-West Coast Business Association. This contract describes in detail how the FHW has fulfilled its obligations and how the districts can help to promote "their" public university.

In a strategy process in 2014/2015, the members of the FH Westküste updated their mission statement from 2001 and, with the joint signing of the target agreement with the state at the beginning of 2016, have also bindingly set their strategic orientation for the period 2016 – 2025.  In doing so, the regional political mandate was also updated:

“From a regional political perspective, the FH Westküste is an economic and technical focal point for the promotion of academic knowledge transfer. At the same time it is a higher education institution with the objective of improving the competitiveness of companies, institutions and other business entities in the western part of Schleswig-Holstein.”

The Development of the FH Westküste

The further development of the FH Westküste is defined by the target agreement with the State for the years 2009 - 2013.

Among other things, it was agreed:

"The FH Westküste University of Applied Science is particularly committed to a mutual exchange process with the business community, especially in the region Lower Elbe - West Coast. It intends to reinforce the emphasis it has place on Management and Tourism in the Commercial Faculty and Automation and Electronics in the Technical Faculty. Furthermore, it will continue to expand the interdisciplinary course Management and Technology over the coming years and adapt it to meet the changing conditions that companies are facing.

To this end, the university will take action as follows:

  • The course specialisation "Nordic Management", which the university started in the Winter Semester 2008/2009 within the framework of the Bachelor of Business Administration, will continue while maintaining the number students. It will be determined whether the introduction of a Bachelor program in "Nordic Management" is possible under the Higher Education Pact II.
  • The university will sharpen the focus of the Management and Technology program towards international project management ...
  • It will be determined whether the introduction of a Bachelor program in "Facility and Environmental Engineering" is possible under the Higher Education Pact II."

In these expansion concepts, the FH Westküste recognises important elements in the possibility of providing forward-looking education with an increasing number of students.