Spring-Programme 2018

The Spring Programme is an offer for exchange students with modules being taught in English at the West Coast University of Applied Sciences (German name: Fachhochschule Westküste). We offer a choice of English mod-ules each semester. The kind of subjects varies between the summer and winter term. You may choose the mod-ules according to the requirements of your home university. In order to register, please include or add the mod-ules to your learning agreement or list of subjects and send them along with your application documents. You receive our application documents when your international or ERASMUS+ coordinator announced or nominated you towards us (the International Office).

Modules for Exchange Students

We can recommend the courses „Orientation Course“ and „German I“ (module 9735) to students from all courses of study. Knowing the local language is an important key to understanding the culture of another country. "SWS" stands for the number of time units per week (one time unit equals 45 minutes) which is spent in class per week. If the credit number is high and the SWS amount is relatively low, the module contains a bigger amount of prac-tical work and self-study than other modules.

No. of ModuleModule TitelSWSCreditsContact/Lecturer
9735German I - German as a Foreign Language
30 lessons before lectures start
("Orientation Course")

(during semester)

Lisa Petersen
9819Intercultural Project2 SWS10Bärbel Brouwers
9809Financing/Investment Planning4 SWS6Werner Kiehn
ICMIntercultural Management2 SWS3Sonja Göttel
FUTThe Future – from the Perspective of Literature, Science and Hollywood4 SWS6Prof. Dr. Ulrich Reinhardt
HRMHuman Resources Management4 SWS6Prof. Dr. Daniela Rudloff
9105Combined Language module English for Tourism II / Spanish II
(both languages have to be attended)
4 SWS5Ciara Colgan /
Paula Molina de Rohde
9087Business English I4 SWS5Ciara Colgan
9092Advanced Business English II4 SWS6Ciara Colgan
9847Business English II4 SWS5
9636International Marketing Management4 SWS6Prof. Dr. Hans-Dieter Ruge
CSRCorporate Social Responsibility4 SWS5Birka Valentin
NCMNetwork and Cooperation Management2 SWS3Sonja Göttel


If you chose any language courses, you also have to consult the Language Department (German: Lisa Petersen petersen(at)fh-westkueste.de, English: Ciara Colgan colgan(at)fh-westkueste.de, Spanish: Paula Molina de Rohde molinaderohde(at)fh-westkueste.de) before attending the class. In some cases the language modules are electives for regular students and places available limited. Therefore you need to reserve in time.

Reserved Rooms in the Student Dormitory

Each semester a limited number of rooms is reserved at the student dormitory (run by Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein) for international students. The rooms are primarily reserved for international students from partner uni-versities of the West Coast University of Applied Sciences as well as for students receiving a scholarship.

The dormitory is located next to the campus and accessible on foot within a few minutes. Available are furnished single rooms in shared flats with German students. The kitchen and bathroom will be shared with the other flat mates; internet is included in the rent. Furthermore, washing machines, driers, a cellar for bicycles and parking spots are provided at the dormitory. The rental agreements are concluded for a complete semester (6 months). The monthly rent per room is between 210,- € and 235,- €.

If you are interested, please contact the International Office (aaa(at)fh-westkueste.de) by the latest on December 15th 2017.

For all kind of questions please don’t hesitate to contact us as well:

International Office
Phone: +49 (4 81) 85 55 171/172/173 • E-mail: aaa(at)fh-westkueste.de

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fachhochschule-Westküste/196409900398398

General Information for Exchange Students

Academic Calendar

The academic calendar is available in German and English. The German version is available at http://www.fh-westkueste.de/studierende/termine/ in the box „Semestertermine“. The list of semester dates in English is included in our fact sheet which can be downloaded from http://en.fh-westkueste.de/international/downloads/.


Accomodation needs to be organized as one of the first things on your to-do-list. For international students we recommend staying in the student dorm near the campus or in shared private apartments with other students.

The application form for the student dorm is available at http://www.studentenwerk.sh/de/wohnen/wohnheimantrag-online/index.html. The website can be switched to English. The deadlines are similar to our application deadlines.

Private offers which are directed to our students are also published on our website:
http://www.fh-westkueste.de/studieninteressierte/standort-heide/wohnen/ (German knowledge very useful)

There are also websites which are publishing private shared living possibilities such as


After being nominated to us you will receive an application form for exchange students with further information about the next steps from us.

The nomination and application deadline for the winter term is the 15th July.
The nomination and application deadline for the summer term is the 15th January.

Students who don’t have an EU-citizenship or a permanent residence permit for the EU should send us their application as early as possible and also prepare the first steps with the local German embassy. The embassies in some countries are very busy.


Contracts have a high legal relevance in Germany. Before you sign a contract e.g. for rental, phone, please make sure to ask someone who speaks German fluently to understand a contract before you sign it. We are among the possible persons you could ask for help.

ECTS credits

Please don’t forget to include all subjects which you want to have named later on in your trancsript of records on your learning agreement or list of subjects. In some modules attendance is compulsory (Anwesenheitspflicht), so you would need to participate regularly to receive credits. Your course coordinators will show you after your arrival how to register for exams.

Facebook Group

For international students at the West Coast University of Applied Sciences the international department of the student union (AStA Auslandsreferat) runs a closed facebook group. The group name is „Foreign Students at FH Westküste“. You need to be nominated by your home university first, meaning the helping students and us need to know your name to grant you access. Here you can get into contact with other international students in Heide and German students. The group is meant to help each other, exchange information and to plan spare time activities together.


Exchange students should read our manual for incoming international students which is available on our dowload page at http://en.fh-westkueste.de/campus-service/international-office/downloads/. It is very useful to prepare your application and your stay in Germany.


Heide is a town in Northern Germany with 20.000 inhabitants which is close to the North Sea and the Unesco World Heritage Site National Park Wadden Sea. The air and environment is very healthy. This is one of the reasons why tourists are coming to the region. Our university has 1.900 students who like the friendly, family-like atmosphere and the modern facilities as well as learning in mostly small or medium groups. Our students from the student union who are helping international students in their spare time, your course coordinators and us but also many other people at the university will help you during your stay.