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Confirmation of Enrollment

Heide, 01.02.2016

Confirmation deadline for the winter semester 2016/2017
01.03.2016 - 30.06.2016

The confirmation of enrolment occurs solely through the Student Union of Schleswig-Holstein receiving the semester contribution in a timely manner. The semester contribution is currently €65.00 (€53.00 for the Student Union of Schleswig-Holstein and €12 for the Student Union of the FHW).

For payments that are not received in the above-mentioned time period, a processing or late fee of €15.00 will be charged. The charging of the late fee is within the rights of the West Coast University of Applied Science and will not be transferred to the Student Union of Schleswig-Holstein.

As only machine readable forms guarantee correct confirmation of enrolment, please ensure that the following is correctly entered into the bank transfer request:

  • Recipient: Studentenwerk S-H, FH Westküste
  • IBAN: DE87 2105 0170 0025 0013 14
  • At: Fördesparkasse Kiel
  • Amount: 65,00 €
  • Verwendungszweck 1. Zeile: Your Student Registration No. (SPACE) 20162 (for WS 16/17)
  • Verwendungszweck 2. Zeile: First name (SPACE) Surname

Please substitute your own information above i.e. your Student Registration No., your first name and your surname.

Should you not comply with the requirements, the payment cannot be considered.

Creation / Delivery Leporellos 1st Round:

-End July

Creation / Delivery Leporellos 2nd Round:

-End August

Please make sure that your current address is in the system. If necessary, please update your address using the HIS self-service function.
On behalf                                                                                                                              
Janin Damms



Retroactive deregistration is NOT possible.

Note for graduates: Before the deregistration can be carried out, your degree needs to have been entered into the system; the processing time for this can be more than three working days.

Dates for the deregistration of graduates are either at the end of the month in which the certificate was delivered, or no later than the end of the semester in which the degree was obtained.

Should you have any questions, please contact beratung(at)

Certificate for Diplomas 240 ECTS
Certificate ECTS and standard period of study
Certificate ECTS and standard period of study (English)

If you would like to stop your studies at the FHW, you must send an application for deregistration to the Student Counselling / Admissions office.

Please follow these instructions:
1. Fill out the application for deregistration for your faculty completely and sign it

Download Deregistration Application Faculty of Business Studies

Download Deregistration Application Faculty of Technology

2. Put the completed and signed application for deregistration, together with the necessary quittance, in the gray letter box across from the Student Counselling / Admissions office or send it by post to:

FH Westküste
Studienberatung / Zulassung
Fritz-Thiedemann-Ring 20
25746 Heide

Complete, correctly filled out deregistration requests are usually processed within three working days. The deregistration documents are then sent to you by post to the address that has been entered into the HIS.