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Information on the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19)

Dear employees, students and guests of FH Westcoast,

In the following, we will inform you about all developments concerning the spread of the coronavirus at the university. The university has convened a crisis committee, which meets regularly with the participation of the students, to evaluate the current situation and derive measures.

Please note that currently all students returning to Germany must initially maintain a 14-day quarantine (see below) in self-imposed, domestic isolation and are therefore not allowed to enter the university or have personal contact with university members during this period.

We have tried to answer the many questions that are currently reaching us in the following keyword collection. Please understand, however, that at present not all questions can be sufficiently clarified. The state ministry will monitor the development of the situation until at least 10 April and only then will it decide on further steps. We are continually updating the following information.

We sincerely hope that the information provided and the decision-making aids on the website will enable us to manage the crisis together well. In doing so, we as the university management are exhausting all legal and organisational possibilities in order to keep the burden and restrictions for affected areas, institutions and especially persons at risk as low as possible.

The Executive Board of the FH Westcoast


30 March 2020

  • Restructuring of this website

[+] Semester abroad/ internship semester/ internship semester follow-up

The practical semester follow-up for latecomers in the Economics Department on 8 April will not take place. Instead, the follow-up only consists of the submission or passing of the internship report. The deadline of 1 April remains. The report can be sent digitally to the responsible supervisor. Please note that the signature of the internship company must still be present. The Internship Office will inform the Examinations Office in good time whether the thesis has been passed, so that the Bachelor thesis can be started on time.

Furthermore, the following applies to:

Students Faculty of Economics

The Dean's Office of the Faculty of Economics has agreed as follows:

  1. Students will, as far as possible, continue the internship semester they have begun.
  2. If an interruption of the practical semester should become necessary, for example because the practical semester ends or because a departure from abroad is necessary due to the Corona crisis, students will be given the opportunity to continue the practical semester in a following semester, taking into account the time already completed in that year.
  3. If students have not yet started the practical semester and cannot start it due to the current situation, we recommend that they complete the practical semester in the 6th semester and bring the lecture contents of the 6th semester forward to the 4th semester. If you have any questions about bringing the modules of the 6th semester forward, please contact the programme coordinators. In some cases, the programme coordinators are already preparing appropriate information/leaflets for you.
  4. The examination board is requested by the department to waive the requirement of a fully completed practical semester for the students concerned (according to numbers 2 and 3) when registering for the Bachelor thesis.
  5. Only in the event that the regulations described above lead to unreasonable hardship for the students, the department shall, upon application by the affected student, open up the possibility of preparing an academic paper instead of the practical semester. The application must be justified and sent to the Dean of the Department of Economics (haack(at)

FAQ - Students Department of Economics / Practical Semester

  1. Can the remaining time of the internship semester be completed in Germany, although a semester abroad is actually to be completed?
    Yes, but this exception is limited to the summer semester 2020.
  2. Should it be possible to complete the internship parallel to the BA? Would it be possible to relax the attendance requirement for BA seminars?
    We will give students who start their practical semester in the 6th semester the opportunity to attend Bachelor's seminars online. This should enable students to run both the practical semester and the Bachelor thesis in parallel. This approach would also have the welcome side effect that very practical Bachelor theses could be written.
  3. What is unreasonable hardship?
    There is no fixed catalogue for this. It is examined in each individual case whether an unreasonable hardness exists.
  4. I would like to bring forward modules from the 6th semester, but I have no place to live in Heide anymore. Can the modules still be taken online until the end of the semester, even if the attendance courses start again after Easter?
    From the dean's point of view there is no reason why not. However, it cannot be guaranteed for every module that online teaching will continue until the end of the semester. In this respect, the commitment of the students may be required.
    In addition, it is not yet certain whether the attendance courses will actually start again with the end of 19.4.2020. In this respect, we must leave this question open at the moment. Please be assured that the university is making every effort to find a solution in the interest of the students in the current situation.
  5. Is it possible to take online courses of the 6th semester or the 2nd semester in addition to the practical semester or a substitute performance?
    This is not possible because the workload for students is regularly limited to 30 ECTS per semester. This is a protective regulation in favour of the students to avoid an excessive workload.
  6. Is it okay if my internship semester company reduces the workload due to the corona crisis? Is my internship semester still valid then?
    In principle, the internship semester must be completed full-time. If the internship semester company reduces the working hours due to the current situation, this is basically okay, as long as the training goals are achieved and the internship semester relationship remains in place.
  7. How do I write my report if I had to interrupt my internship and will make up the rest in a year's time?
    The weeks already completed are part of the 20 total weeks and must be mentioned in the report. You will then write two reports of a length suitable for the number of weeks. If you are doing your internship at two different companies, you already hand in the first part to the supervising person. If it is the same company, a general report (divided into two parts) can be handed in at the end of the 20 weeks.
  8. Can missing weeks in the semester break be made up?
    Yes, this is possible.
  9. Is it possible to shorten the 20 weeks?
    No, these must be completed in full. For basic handling see above under 3).
  10. What do students do who are currently still in their internship semester, but are uncertain whether they can continue their internship due to the current situation and should rather go into the 6th semester?
    This is something that everyone has to decide for themselves. The more advanced the 6th semester is, the more difficult and complicated it is to start. A prompt decision is therefore advisable.

Students Faculty of Engineering

Students of the Faculty of Engineering who are going to do an internship semester in WS2020/21 can get all information about the internship semester via the Moodle page internship semester in the Faculty of Engineering. All corresponding students are requested to register on this Moodle page (is a prerequisite for admission to the practical semester).

[+] Bachelor thesis/ colloquium

Application forms for the Bachelor thesis can be sent in advance by e-mail to the Examination Office. The original application must be submitted by post. The Examination Office ensures the forwarding within the FH Westcoast.

The examination board has decided to admit all students who had registered for examinations for the March examination date to the final thesis, if they are only missing these examinations for the admission to the Bachelor thesis.

Colloquia will not take place in attendance until at least 19 April. Digital alternatives are possible in coordination with the responsible persons.

The extent to which processing deadlines are (automatically) extended cannot yet be conclusively answered at present. The state and the universities are exchanging information in order to find uniform regulations. If you have not yet registered for BT, please contact your first examiner for further coordination. If you have already registered and your processing time has been delayed due to the current situation, please submit an informal request for an extension to the relevant Examinations Office for forwarding to the Examination Board. We assure you that your application will be processed promptly.

[+] Library

The library is closed until at least 19 April.

Reminder fees are suspended, existing loan periods are automatically extended. All books currently on loan can remain with the current borrowers until April 20, regardless of the loan period.

If you have any questions regarding our online offer, please contact timm(at)

[+] Corona - symptoms, protection, behaviour

Like other respiratory pathogens, an infection with the novel coronavirus can lead to symptoms such as coughing, rhinitis, neck scratching and fever, some sufferers also suffer from diarrhoea.

As with influenza and other acute respiratory tract infections, coughing and sneezing etiquette, good hand hygiene and distance (at least 1.5 m) also protect against transmission of the new coronavirus.
If symptoms occur:

  1. Call your family doctor or any other resident doctor in Heide or in your place of residence or stay. As an alternative to the general practitioner, the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung (Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians) will help you under the telephone number 116 117. The hotline of the Independent Patient Advisory Service Germany on the corona virus can be reached at 0800/ 011 77 22, the Citizens' Telephone of the Federal Ministry of Health at 030/ 346 465 100.
  2. Before you visit a practice or hospital, you should register by telephone. This is important so that you can be admitted in isolation and not infect other people.
  3. Contact the health department in Heide immediately: Phone: 0481 7854 900; Esmarchstr. 50; 25746 Heide
  4. Inform the University of Applied Sciences West Coast immediately at: personal(at) to coordinate the further procedure.

[+] Business Trips

The authorisation of business trips is suspended until further notice.

Cancellation costs incurred now will be paid centrally. Please contact the travel cost center for advance information and processing.

[+] Teaching

Until at least 19 April, attendance at events on the university campus is prohibited. The FH Westcoast is anxious to start online offers wherever possible at the start of lectures on 30 March. Students are therefore kindly requested to inform themselves regularly about Moodle and to what extent appropriate measures have been announced for the individual lectures and seminars.

Reliable information about courses and practical parts that require a presence on campus can only be given from 15 April at the earliest. The FH Westcoast is in exchange with the Ministry of Science and the other universities of the country.

[+] Examinations

The examinations, which were to take place from 16 March, have been postponed indefinitely in order to protect the health of all university members. A possible alternative date will be announced by the university at least 14 days in advance.

Furthermore, the examination board of the FH Westcoast decided on 23 March that all students who had registered for examinations on the above-mentioned date will be admitted to the final thesis, provided that only these examinations are still missing.

The examination office can be reached under the following mail: pruefungsamt(at)

[+] Quarantine

Civil servants

  • Quarantine is considered an approved absence from service (§67 S.1 LBG in conjunction with the Infection Protection Act/lfSG). As far as the service in quarantine can be provided, e.g. by teleworking, this must be provided.
  • Civil servants have a duty of notification to the employer. We therefore ask you to contact the personnel department in order to coordinate the concrete procedure.
  • The salary will continue to be paid.
  • In case of illness, there is a separate duty to notify the employer in accordance with the usual regulations at FH Westcoast.

Tariff employees

  • Quarantine is considered an approved absence from work (§616 BGB in conjunction with IfSG). As far as the service in quarantine can be provided, e.g. by teleworking, this must be provided.
  • Employees covered by collective bargaining agreements have a duty of notification to the employer. We therefore ask you to contact the personnel department in order to coordinate the concrete procedure.
  • In case of illness, there is a separate obligation to report sick in accordance with the usual regulations at the FH West Coast.
  • Remuneration is paid for the first six weeks; after that, there is a claim for compensation according to the IfSG.


[+] Summer semester 2020

The state and the universities are in regular consultation on how to deal with the current semester. The development of the situation is currently being monitored. The state and the universities agree to find individual and flexible solutions wherever possible. However, it is not yet possible to make reliable statements about the course of the 2020 summer semester.

[+] Ban on meetings and appointments on campus

Due to current events, we would like to point out that meetings and appointments on campus, e.g. for parties or non-official meetings of any kind, are strictly prohibited. Violations must and will be consistently reported to the regulatory authorities.