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The Faculty of Business Studies educates students individually and practically. The Bachelor program aims to prepare its graduates for a career in domestic and foreign companies as well as public institutions. The students should gain the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities at a high scientific and practical level to meet the demands of the global labour market.

The Faculty of Business Studies offers 8 degree courses with 19 selectable majors. The undergraduate programs on offer are Business Administration (BWL), the Triale Model Business Administration (BWL-TM), International Tourism Management (ITM), Economics and Law (WiR) and Business Psychology (WiPsy).

Additional Master's programs are offered for International Tourism Management (ITM) and Green Energy (GE). In the summer semester 2016, an extra-occupational online Master's degree program in Tourism Management (OMT) is starting.

Our courses are regularly monitored by recognized accreditation agencies and therefore carry the Seal of the Accreditation Council. For more information, please refer to the webpages dedicated to the respective course you would like to know more about.

Our Bachelor programs in the Faculty of Business Studies:

Our Master programs in the Faculty of Business Studies:

  •   » new: M.A. Online Master's program in Tourism Management (OMT)

In addition to the various study courses, the Faculty also provides research capabilities for businesses, administration and politics for its entire range of expertise. Intensive knowledge transfer is carried out in the Faculty's own institutions:


The Faculty of Technology carries out activities in the fields of teaching, research, development and transfer. Hereby the focus is placed on the growth fields of "Automation and Computer Science" and "Micro-technologies and Electronics". To highlight the practical nature of the study programs there are intensive co-operations, networks and links to industry and business. The know-how is constantly updated through a multitude of projects in Research & Development (R&D) as well as technology transfers. Professors, engineers and students work continuously on company financed development projects.

All of our study programs are accredited by the ASIIN and therefore carry the Accreditation Seal of ASIIN and the Accreditation Council. Moreover, our study programs in Engineering have been awarded the European Quality Seal of Approval by the European Network for the Accreditation of Engineering Education (ENAEE), the so-called EUR-ACE® Label.

Our technical courses do not have limited admission and the West Coast University of Applied Science levies no tuition fees.

The Faculty of Technology offers three undergraduate programs with selectable majors, including two undergraduate programs in which the students are awarded the "Bachelor of Science" (B.Sc.) and one program with the "Bachelor of Engineering" (B.Eng.). In addition, the Faculty of Technology offers a further Master's program which concludes with the successful graduate being awarded the "Master of Science" (M.Sc.). International orientation plays an important role in the Faculty of Technology as evidenced by compulsory foreign internships and lectures given in English. Further information can be found on the pages dedicated to the respective course.

Our Bachelor programs in the Faculty of Technology:

Our Master's programs in the Faculty of Technology:

Industrial partners can also benefit from the know-how and collaboration with the FHW. The possibilities are varied, ranging from project with students to further education courses to research and development projects. More information can be found under Research - Technology Projects.

MuT students have the opportunity to write their Bachelor thesis at the Zhejiang University of Science and Technology (ZUST) or study a double degree there.