Green Energy (M.Sc.)

Schleswig-Holstein and the Hamburg metropolitan region, particularly the coastal areas are the pioneers and initiators of the nation-wide change towards sustainable energy production.
The interdisciplinary study programme offers a unique combination of economic, technical and legal aspects. These contents reflect both the range of the West Coast University of Applied Science (FHW) as well as the regional profile of the west coast of Schleswig-Holstein.
The Masters study programme combines economic, legal and technical aspects of the umbrella theme of renewable energy. Students are taught interdisciplinary knowledge with a focus on the management as well as project design and certification of renewable energies.


Standard Length of Course

The standard course consists of 4 semesters over 2 years, whereby 3 semesters are study semesters and the fourth semester is the Masters semester with the writing of the Master’s thesis. In these semesters, the students should practically and scientifically develop the knowledge they acquire, if possible in cooperation with a company. Further information is available on the page Course programme.


Focus on professional activities / professional qualification

The course concept is designed for the interfaces - on one hand within the company and on the other, the contact to investors, authorities and citizens.
In particular, the combination of economic, technical and legal expertise is increasingly in demand. However, these skills require a holistic approach.
The following positions/types of company are typical for graduates:

  • Power company
  • Planning and coordination of (large) energy projects
  • Consultancies
  • Energy officers for associations and businesses
  • Authorities for monitoring and approval of application processes
  • Research institutes
  • Consultant or expert

Through the three pillars of education and the merging of the individual segments in interdisciplinary seminars, as well as through the associated teaching of social skills, graduates are able to develop holistic concepts, present and promote them as well as direct their implementation and acceptance.
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Degree:Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Standard length of course:4 Semesters
Beginn:Winter semester
Application by:31th August
Semester contribution:€75.00 
Accredited until:30.9.2019 (ZEvA)
Further info:Flyer