The administration of the FHW is responsible for all formalities in connection with the students, personnel, finances and infrastructure of the university. It is headed by the Chancellor.

The administration is divided into the following departments:

  •   Personnel (Contracts, travel cost reimbursement ...)
  •   IT Services (Computer network, telephone network ...)

Please contact the staff if necessary.

The Secretariat of the Steering Committee is happy to help you with the orientation.



  •   Telephone switchboard
  •   Post office
  •   Room and Company Car bookings
  •   Issuance of student certification
  •   General reporting office
  •   Lost and Found office

+49 (0) 481 8555-0

+49 (0) 481 8555-555


Opening hours
Monday - Thursday
8:00 - 12:15 and 13:15 -15:30

8:00 - 12:00

from 20.7. - 11.9.15:

Monday - Friday
8:00 - 12:00


Tetzner, Telse


The Personnel Department handles all personnel matters and employment contracts for the government officials, employees, lecturers, and academic assistants active at the FHW. It also monitors the human resources.

Employees (including Teachers for Special Assisgnments) and academic assistants - please contact Daniel Rohde or Christin Lorenz.

Government officials and Lecturers - please contact Andrea Voß.

For inquiries regarding business trips and procurement - please contact Sabine Wahls or Monika Gebauer.


The Student Services Department is responsible for matters of student counselling, enrolment, student administration, examination administration as well as the issuance of certification and diplomas.

Please contact the employee responsible for your individual case:

Student counselling and Admission
Janin Damms

Examination Office Business Administration / Business Psychology
Melanie Müller

Examination Office International Tourism Management
Monika Martens

Examination Office Economics and Law / Green Energy; Management of the Examination Committee
Ingrid Thomsen

Examination Office Technology
Melanie Müller

The employees substitute for each other.


The Financial Service Department at the FHW has the following responsibilities:  

  •   Processing of budgets, cash management and accounting       
  •   Financial statistics
  •   Third party funds management
  •   Procurement of office materials and consumables    
  •   Inventory management
  •   Funds management
  •   University planning and controlling

Should you have any inquiries concerning any of these areas of responsibility, please contact the following staff members:


Duties of the technical and infrastructural facility management:

  •   Maintenance of the grounds, buildings and structures
  •   Land and room planning (Room allocation, without lectures and examination planning)
  •   Operation of the technical installations and technical facilities
  •   Energy management
  •   Technical assistance, trouble shooting
  •   Contact partner for the adherence to safety guidelines and workplace safety regulations
  •   Key management (not including transponders)

The building management can be reached for inquiries, assistance and fault reporting. Please contact:

  •   Michael Möller


The IT Department within the administration has the following duties:

  •   Administration of the server for the main office services and the library
  •   Administration, configuration and maintenance of the PC infrastructure in the main office services  and library.
  •   Administration, maintenance, placing of orders for the telephone system.
  •   Administration, interface for copy machines.
  •   Assignment of university wide SAP authorizations.
  •   Administration of the university network in the sub-departments Main Office Services and Library, Representation of the University Network for the Faculty of Business Studies and the Faculty of Technology.

For further information please contact Karsten Neelsen or Sven Deisner.


Iris Reinert
Steering Committee Secretariat

+49 (0) 481 8555-100

+49 (0) 481 8555-101


Your contact partner for:

  •   Issues concerning the Steering Committee      
  •   Executive Board of the Senate
  •   Execution of the Committee voting for the Senate and the Convention