In this day and age, saving resources and actively participating in environmental protection is more important than ever before. Society and industry is increasingly focusing on renewable energy. Therefore, there is a great need for engineers who are familiar with energy efficient construction (new buildings) and the environmentally friendly conversion of existing buildings. This is the aim of the program, which was created with the support of several companies to counteract the already existing staff shortages.

The students of the Bachelor course are trained as experts that can holistically analyse a building in terms of energy, material and information flows and then optimise it. The focus is on the optimisation of buildings with regard to energy efficiency and sustainability. The key issues are the technical equipment in the building (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, cooling, plumbing), renewable energy supplies, building automation and security technology and thermal protection measures.

In addition to the technical qualifications, non-technical qualifications are also provided, such as project management. This put the graduates in the position to manage projects, develop buildings concepts in terms of energy and technology and play an advisory role in all phases of construction.

GBS – A study program with potential

More than 70% of all buildings in Germany are more than 35 years old. Only a small number of them have been converted to energy efficiency and sustainability!

The GBS program provides a broad range of expertise which the graduates can specialise in through their choice of majors. This in turn makes it possible to be active in many application areas.

  • Engineering offices for building technology
  • Med-sized building equipment suppliers
  • Component and system suppliers
  • Large estate management
  • Manufacturing of construction products
  • Governmental authorities
  • Consulting
  • Energy consultation
  • Institutional clients
  • Manufacturing of building-related systems technology, e.g. heating, ventilation, climate control
  • Energy suppliers and supply services


Reflections on the GBS study program based on a survey of current students:

  • 78% are in a cooperative study and would choose to do this course again if they had to choose again.
  • About 70% of the respondents found the search for a job to be easy to very easy
  • All of the dual mode students expect to be hired by the partner company following graduation


Arguments of the respondents for GBS:

  • Possibility to earn while studying
  • Professional experience
  • Good career prospects
  • Environmental protection
  • A course that is adapted to meet current economic needs


Degree:Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)
Standard length of course:7 semesters
Internship semester:5th semester
Begin:Winter semester
Application by:31th August
Prior internship:yes
Language courses:German
Semester contribution:75,00 €
Accredited until: 
Associated FHW Masters:Automation technology
Green Energy
Further info:Flyer