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Trial Model BWL with a focus on banking - tax - industry

    The idea

    The term "Trial Model" refers to a cooperation between training companies, vocational schools and universities. The Trial Model combines a traineeship in a bank, at a tax consultancy or in an industrial company with a college degree. It thereby enables particularly dedicated and qualified high school graduates to acquire a vocational qualification and a Bachelor in Business Administration in only four years.

    Hereby, individual agreements between the training company and trainees can go further and bind the students to the business during their education (e.g. internship semester, undergraduate work, part-time employment, financial support) and afterwards.

    The flyer for the Trial Model in Business Administration is available as a download.

    The aim

    • Two European-wide recognised qualifications:
      • Chamber of Commerce degree: Bank clerk, Industrial clerk, Certified Tax Consultant
      • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
    • Shortening of the total training time
      • Vocational education in 2 years instead of the normal period of 2.5 to 3 years
      • Through the combination of the vocational training with the first two semesters of the college education, they are able to receive their degree with 2 years of university study after completion of the vocational qualification instead of 3 years.
      • Training period of 4 years instead of 5.5 or 6 years.

    Characteristics and advantages

    For trainees / students

    • Vocational qualification and degree in only 4 years
    • 2 European-wide recognised qualifications
    • Combination of theory and practice
    • Financing of the education
      • 2 years of remuneration during the company training
      • 2 years of study: Federal Education Assistance in accordance with legal regulations and with a corresponding agreement with the company – Income from part-time work possible during the semester vacations
    • Excellent opportunities on the labour market
    • No tuition fees at the college
    • High quality of education

    For training companies

    • Potential-oriented training / personnel development
    • Highly qualified junior specialists in a short period of time
    • Broad utilisation possibilities of the graduates
    • No additional training costs: Contractual binding only during the 2 years of vocational training
    • Strong corporate bond possible
      • Employment during the holidays
      • Additional qualification during the internship semester
    • Close cooperation between business and science

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    Degree:Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) &
    Chamber of Commerce qualification
    Standard length of course:2 + 6 semesters
    Internship semester:4th (6th) Semester
    Begin:Winter semester
    Application by:15th July
    Prior internship:no
    Language courses:English
    Semester contribution:75,00 €
    Accredited until: 31.8.2024 (ZEvA)
    Associated FHW Masters:Green Energy
    Further info:Flyer